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Our Investment Approach

Our investment approach is based on a disciplined and systematic process that seeks to identify investment opportunities that we believe offer the potential for superior risk-adjusted returns.

We undertake comprehensive due diligence on each investment opportunity, including detailed financial analysis, market research and property inspections. We also assess the management team of any potential investment to ensure they have the skills and experience to deliver on our investment objectives.


Once we have identified an investment opportunity that meets our criteria, we work with our legal advisers to negotiate the terms of the investment and prepare for settlement.


We believe that by taking a disciplined and systematic approach to investing, we can generate superior returns for our investors while minimising risk.


How to Invest

There are many different ways of structuring your investments to suit all types of investors.

Talk to us about investment opportunities. Our team can answer any questions you make have and we’ll guide you through the process.

Learn about current growth in the Adelaide commercial property market with Clear Sky.
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